This pilot encompasses the communities of North Bay, Callander, Powassan, East Ferris, Bonfield, West Nipissing and some unorganized townships. Under the ministerial instructions it is identified as: An area in Ontario bounded by a radius of 45 km centred on latitude 46°18′31.4″ North and longitude 79°27′45.4″ West.


The pilot will bring skilled foreign workers to fill jobs that have gone unfilled locally. The high demand jobs in our area include: mining, trades, manufacturing, aviation, health care, construction, technology, accounting, architecture and legal professions. NOCs are provided below and may change from time to time, as demand from our employers change.

National occupation codes for the North Bay & area RNIP

Healthcare & Social Work

NOC 3012: Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses

NOC 3413: Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates

NOC 3233: Licensed practical nurses

NOC 3112: General practitioners and family physicians

NOC 4152: Social Workers

NOC 4214: Early childhood educators and assistants

NOC 4212: Social and community service workers

NOC 4412: Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations

NOC 3111: Specialist Physicians

Trades (licensed or unlicensed)

NOC 7312: Heavy duty equipment mechanics

NOC 7321: Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers

NOC 7311: Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics

NOC 7611: Construction trades helpers and laborers

NOC 7237: Welders and related machine operators

NOC 7271: Carpenters

NOC 7241: Electricians

NOC 7251: Plumbers

NOC 7511: Transport Truck Drivers

NOC 7521: Heavy equipment operators

NOC 7535: Other automotive mechanical installers and servicers

Business Administration

NOC 111: Auditors, accountants and investment professionals

NOC 121 Administrative services supervisors

NOC 1311: Accounting technicians and bookkeepers

Information Technology

NOC 0213: Computer and information systems managers

NOC 2147: Computer Engineers

NOC 2171: Information systems analysts and consultants

NOC 2172: Database analysts and data administrators

NOC 2173: Software engineers and designers

Other Professionals

NOC 2151: Architects

NOC 2251: Architecture, Technologists and Technicians

NOC 223: Civil, Mechanical, Industrial Engineering, Technologists and Technicians

NOC 7315: Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors

NOC 2244: Aircraft instrument, electrical and avionics mechanics, technicians

NOC 2271: Air pilots, flight engineers

NOC 1242: Legal Administrative Assistants

Open NOC (max of 10 applicants)

*Applicants with a job offer not listed above will be considered only at the discretion of the Community Recommendation Committee. 

High skill level occupations such as, legal, supervisors in call centres and chefs are examples of jobs being considered under the Open NOC.

Don’t know your NOC?

Visit the National Occupational Classification website to find it.

We are not accepting any front line staff in retail, food services and hospitality at this time.  If you don’t see your NOC above, yet you fit under one of the categories listed, please email the coordinator to ask if your NOC is eligible; the above are just some of the NOCs listed in those categories.

Here is a step-by-step guide provided by IRCC about RNIP

Please see the IRCC website as there are other options to immigrate to Canada. CLICK HERE for other programs. Please note, the response to RNIP has been overwhelming; however, we are only allowed 100 primary candidate applications per year of the program; you may have more success to immigrate through another program at this time.

The committee meets monthly and will review all completed applications. An in-person or virtual interview may be required to ensure candidate community eligibility. Once the Community Recommendation is issued, IRCC is notified and the candidate must ensure IRCC has all the required documents. Please note that regardless of a Community Recommendation, IRCC has sole authority to approve or refuse all applications for permanent residency.

No, we currently have a list of high demand occupations that we are working from. As labour market demands change, we will update the list of occupations that we are seeking.

Yes, all applicants must have a job offer from a business in the community.

After receiving a nomination from the community, applicants will receive their permanent residence within 12 months after applying to the IRCC.

No, applicants may apply from within the country or abroad.  

Only eligible businesses in the community (as described in the community criteria) may participate in RNIP. Businesses can become eligible before or after they provide an offer of employment to a foreign national however applicants will not receive a community recommendation unless the business has been found eligible. For example, if a business offers a job to a foreign national and is not yet approved by the community, then the business must become approved before their employee can proceed with their application for recommendation. To determine eligibility, businesses should consult the community criteria and complete the employer declaration form.

Yes, candidates may apply for jobs in the community that do not appear on the RNIP job board. However, all of the jobs posted on the RNIP job board are eligible positions that have been pre-approved by the RNIP committee. If candidates apply and receive an offer for a position not pre-approved by the committee, candidates must instruct their potential employer to contact the community.

Yes, all candidates must create a candidate profile. All required documents are to be upload to the candidate profile.

Yes, if an applicant has an eligible job in the community, they can apply for permanent residence if the following conditions are met:
  • The business is eligible or becomes eligible before applying for recommendation
  • The business proves to the community that the position was advertised and posted domestically, and that Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents were considered for the position, prior to the hiring of the foreign national.
  • The applicant creates a candidate profile and uploads all necessary documents including the official IMM 5984e Offer of employment form.

Once you have submitted all your documents to IRCC – you may check your application status, processing times and information on contacting a visa office:

Please check back for more FAQs in the future.